Clear . More Buying Choices $19.99 (4 used & new offers) Bridgestone 48 e6 Soft - Near Mint (AAAA) Grade - Recycled (Used) Golf Balls. But Mellow says that, with this ball, 45 is just a number. The new e6 is the softest multilayer golf ball on the market, providing significant side spin reduction to minimize slice or … Both are durable. Bridgestone E6 Golf Balls - Yellow . Check out this Bridgestone e6 review to see exactly why I like this ball. 59,99$ Ajouter au panier 14,99$ CAD / douzaine. In Stock. They have a combination of distance, accuracy and feel that I … The e6 performs well on the greens, and is great with the chip and pitch shots. Its performance Tour B330 Series, to be selected using the player’s swing speed criteria (B330 and B330-S for pros, and B330-RX and B330-RXS for amateurs with swing speed less than 105 mph), makes its other models, which are more appropriate for the average golfer, go unnoticed … Titleist has their softest tour ball in the AVX at about 80 compression. Bridgestone E6 Soft and E6 Speed golf balls have an MSRP of $28.99. “The e6 Soft is going to be very similar to what the e6 currently is,” Rehberg said. But if you are an intermediate golfer looking to take a leap with your game, we recommend using the Titleist AVX balls. The new model is available now at and select retailers nationwide. If the player hits the ball straight, it can be an ideal choice. Ajouter au panier. The Bridgestone e6 has a low compression core and a very soft feel.This ball is built for a mid swing speed player that wants something affordable and consistent. For years, Bridgestone has carved a niche in the crowded golf ball market by offering a golf ball with Tour-like feel and consistency to those of us who cannot generate Tour-level clubhead speed. Avg Review 5.0 Stars. Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Balls 2021 - Yellow . Bridgestone E6 and Titleist NXT Tour Comparison. Compared to the NXT tour s, the Brifgestone E6 spins a little less and feels a bit harder. “It is a low, soft-compression ball, but the difference is that the e6 Soft has a bigger core design. The e6 is designed for straight distance and will keep you from spending too much time in the woods looking for errant shots. Summing Up.. I think that the Bridgestone E6 Fast and E6 Soft deserve a try by mid-handicappers. 4.5 out of 5 stars 68. On Amazon, the balls go for as low as $20. The urethane cover, as opposed to the harder surlyn cover found on the e6 and e7, provides a softer feel with more spin. Bridgestone is now marketing both the E6 Soft and the E6 Speed. The Bridgestone E6 Golf Ball has been available in some shape and form for 5 or 6 years now. Bridgestone e6 – Softly, Softly. Unlike the other balls in the e Series (e6 and e7), the e5 has a two-piece construction: a “tour-calibre” urethane cover and a large gradational core. They are a bit harder than the Bridgestone E6’s at their core which accounts for some of the distance you get from them off the tee. Like the e7, the e5 has a high compression rating. Two-Piece Construction. If he or she tends to hook or slice, the e6 might be preferable. I would highly recommend purchasing these balls. Your Name. Employee: Andy . It is designed as a high-performance ball with soft feel that produces incredibly straight distance by lowering side spin in drivers and long irons. The Srixon Soft Feel balls feature a two-piece design and a compression factor of 60. Your Email Address. This low compression ball flies longer and straighter than the Calaway. The 326 dimples (216 hexagonal, 110 dual) of the e7 follow a web pattern as part of Bridgestone’s “WEB Dimple Technology”, also found in the 2015 models of the e5 and e6. I've gained approxmately 15 yards with this new ball and it holds straight. Accordingly, all PopStroke customers will play and then take home Bridgestone’s new e6, which features a lower compression core and exceptionally soft feel. The Bridgestone e5, e6, and e7 are all designed for amateur athletes, and they re aimed at the average player. These balls travel longer distances even with slow swing speeds, and produce negligible side spin to bring your ball closer to the target with one hit. Show per page. The Bridgestone e6 SPEED is a high performance ball with remarkable initial velocity. Tiger himself fits into Bridgestone’s TOUR B XS model, which will be available for purchase at all PopStroke locations, including three new spots scheduled to open in 2021 in Orlando, Palm Beach, and Scottsdale, Arizona. Bridgestone E12 Speed – … The Bridgestone e6 golf ball is a fine product because it touches many of the performance characteristics most golfers want. $39.99 $ 39. The Bridgestone tour line of balls really has me scratching my head. ... the e6 ball on this page is a 44 compression ball. All 3 are great for mid-to-high HCP players and … December 11, 2012 – Bridgestone Golf is recognized as one of the best golf ball brands in the market. While the ball’s surlyn cover won’t spin as much around the greens as the E5’s urethane cover, it is 3 percent softer than the cover on the 2011 model, which gives it a little more check around the greens. The Bridgestone e6 ball has low spin and high speed. Add to Cart for Price . I've used the e6 exclusively for 2 years and now the e6 soft. DESCRIPTION. Post your own answer to this question. Brifgestone E6 is a little softer than the NXT Tour; Distance is about the same in case of both. Like their decade-long successful predecessor, the e6, the new Bridgestone e`12 Soft and e12 Speed, feature low-compression cores designed to … 09/11/2020 10:06 AM. “It is a soft ball. Enter Bridgestone … Typically you see a harder tour ball around a 100 compression rating (Prov1x) because the higher swing speed can/will compress it. Bridgestone’s updated e6 Soft golf ball combines several solutions (a low-compression core, firm mantle layer, soft but durable cover) into a ball perfectly suited for swing speeds below 90 mph. Bridgestone e12 golf balls were designed because many soft golf balls provide a better feel but fall short when it comes to speed. Bridgestone Tour B RXS Yellow Golf Balls 2021 . Ask A Question. It is a lower compression, distance ball that reduces side spin (like that dreaded slice). The Bridgestone e6 is a golf ball that is built for distance and consistency, but it is offered at a very fair price.. NXT Tour S … I read somewhere that the e6 soft is 40 compression and the e6 speed is 70 compression. The high quality cast thermoset urethane cover allowed for more greenside control. These are great, They are soft, go far and are straight, and are good on the green. Update on Bridgestone e6 April 2019: When I first wrote this review of the Bridgestone e6 five years ago, I was really impressed with the performance, especially relative to it’s price. Bridgestone makes quite a few high-quality golf balls, but the one that stands out as the overall best is the e6. The e12 ball gives you a soft feel and incredible speed as well. Bridgestone New e6 Soft Lady Edition Pearl Finish Golf Balls - Pick The Quantity. This technology is said to increase surface coverage by more than 10%, improving both distance and ball flight. I've used the e6 exclusively for 2 years and now the e6 soft. The Bridgestone E6 balls were very impressive for being so affordable. The e6 SOFT is among the most popular models in the company’s extensive catalog. Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Balls The low compression Bridgestone E6 Golf Balls were designed for excellent long game, launching your ball farther with almost zero spin with drivers and long irons. Technically, the new ball is a bit firmer at 45. But our gradational compression core is really the key to this product being able to perform. Bridgestone Personalized e6 Orange Golf Balls The Bridgestone Personalized e6 Orange Golf Ball has a new dual dimple design for increased distance. Bridgestone e6 Lady Pink Golf Balls Bridgestone e6 Lady Pink Golf Balls. The 2019 Bridgestone e6 iteration was, with a compression of 44, among the softest balls Bridgestone had ever produced. Construction. That’s why the E6 has a compression around 50, more than 20 points lower than the compression of the E5, which Consuegra said makes it the softest multi-layer golf ball on the market. The compression of Bridgestone e6 is approximately 40-50. The Bridgestone e5 is designed to fly high in the air and to land with a lot of spin. Sort By. Its construction allows better ball speed while having a … 89,99$ 4A 14,99$ 4A (5 douz.) I asked the same question about compression at another “golf ball” website, their response the e6 soft was 40 compression and the e6 speed was 70 compression I've gained approxmately 15 yards with this new ball and it holds straight. The core is designed to provide incredible speed and low spin off the driver to deliver STRAIGHT DISTANCE. The Bridgestone e6 continues to be my choice for the best golf ball under $30. $21.95. Core to cover, this multilayered ball delivers optimum performance tee to green This lower compression helps the golfer that has lower spin speed. Like the original e6, both new balls are designed using three pieces: a rubber core, a mantle layer and a Surlyn outer cover. La Bridgestone e6 soft augmentera votre distance et améliorera la trajectoire de votre balle!Cette b.. 5A 19,99$ 5A sans logo 22,99$ 5A (5 douz.) Its pieces work together to add distance and feel, all while straightening out crooked shots. This low compression ball flies longer and straighter than the Calaway. 17 Items . But the cover is also soft which allows for great feel and accuracy on the green. In Stock. Callaway’s Super Soft, Bridgestone’s e6, and Srixon’s Soft Feel — all 3 options come with a low compression rating. Add to Cart for Price . Add to Cart for Price . FREE Shipping. The Bridgestone e6 golf balls have been further deliberated in the review to make the right decision the next time you shop for the golf balls. 99. I would highly recommend purchasing these balls. 4.7 out of 5 stars 13. These are great, They are soft, go far and are straight, and are good on the green. The Bridgestone e6 golf balls a reformulated 2-piece construction having a low compression core. Bridgestone Golf Unveils New e6 Golf Balls With Larger, Softer Core for Improved Distance, Feel, and Overall Performance Bridgestone Golf, the #1 Ball-Fitter in Golf, announced today that the new e6, the longest running current model in the company’s lineup, is now made a with larger, softer core, offering moderate swing speed players more distance with improved feel and overall performance. The Speed is another way of saying “It is longer”.

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