"You understand we have to distance ourselves from that type of thinking," says Cobb. Shepard was originally scheduled to launch at 7:20 a.m. and ultimately lifted off at 9:34 a.m. EST. Though she may have been aware of the First Lady Astronaut Trainees (FLATs), an unofficial group of 13 women — including Jerrie Cobb — who had undergone and passed the same physiological tests as the Mercury astronauts — Trudy was … "No sir," says Glenn. The Right Stuff is more than just a show about going to … In 1970, Trudy Cooper did fly the first leg of the race. The Powder Puff Derby was frequently mentioned in the television series The Astronaut Wives Club (2015). “The Right Stuff” tells the story of America’s first astronauts: John Glenn, Alan Shepard, Gordon Cooper, Scott Carpenter, Wally Schirra, Gus Grissom and Deke Slayton. Trudy Cooper's ambition was to fly in the Powder Puff Derby, an annual transcontinental air race for women pilots, not to become an astronaut like her husband. A hell of a lot. "I wish for one moment you would finally worry about how it affects me," replies Trudy. At the end of the episode, Louise goes to Trudy's house to apologise, and later the other wives join them. Shepard took manual control of his spacecraft, as shown, though "when he moved his hand to yaw, the wrist seal bearing of his suit bumped into his personal parachute." "I know, and I don't care," says Glenn. The Astronaut Wives Club Dishy gossip from a new book about the wives of the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo astronauts LIFE magazine cover, September 21, 1959. How could Shepard not have been excited by the launch, being weightless and seeing the stars. I knocked the goddamn neutral density filter over the periscope and couldn't get the bastard unstuck," says Shepard. coolsinger198 I disagree ( haha theres always a disagreement) with where you said the men were not probably racist or … "We're go," reports Kraft to von Braun. And Joan Aldrin was an … She was the epitome of astronaut wife behavior, which caused her to be the subject of other wives' ridicule. All seven men have since died, with Glenn passing away last in 2016. Who were the Mercury Seven astronauts’ wives? Glenn rejects that, explaining that is no way to go through your life. When she met Gordo at the University of Hawaii, she was already a pilot herself. As a pilot herself, Trudy Cooper very likely knew of Cobb, but it is unclear if the two ever met in real life. "Hey, let's get up there..." The propeller starts, the plane taxis down the grass runway and, lifting into the air, Trudy and Cam take flight towards the horizon. She could have gone to space. Stop kidding yourself." She hung up the phone, and called Mr. Porter, asking him for the wives to go to Cabo and watch the Mercury test launch, to which he agreed. While the series isn't The Astronaut Wives Club, viewers will become acquainted with Annie Glenn (Nora Zehetner), Trudy Cooper (Eloise Mumford), … President Kennedy is addressing a joint session of Congress about the events of recent weeks. Shepard was not indifferent to his spaceflight experience. She and 12 other female pilots became known as the First Lady Astronaut Trainees, or FLATs (decades later, they would be dubbed the "Mercury 13"). In mission control, Kraft, Gilruth, Lunney and Roy Hutmacher (Joshua Ritter), another member of the flight control team, consider the risks if Shepard's suit and medical leads get wet, but "you know the problem with playing it safe?" Technicians install the capsule's hatch, sealing Shepard inside. They had 2 daughters: . And Trudy Cooper remained mum about the time she left her husband Gordo after she had discovered he was “screwing another man’s wife,” as … He is portrayed by actor Matthew McConaughey. According to CBS, 25-year-old NASA intern Thad Roberts already had a reputation as a bad boy — which NASA seems to like even though they won't ever admit it. Trudy Cooper is by far the best Astronaut Wife. Kraft yells at no one in particular, clearly frustrated. He was married to Susan Theresa Taylor and Gertrude Bernice 'Trudy' Olson. Trudy Cooper —“Gordo” Cooper’s wife. "I am a god-fearing American and this country is made up of people just like me. She could have gone to space. Another scene change, this time to Trudy and her daughters arriving at a diner, where famed aviator Jerrie Cobb (Mamie Gummer) is waiting. Eloise Mumford stars as Trudy Cooper, wife to Mercury 7 astronaut Gordon Cooper, on the Disney+ series, The Right Stuff. Fanpop original article: The truth about the Mercury and other astronaut relationships and how the Astronaut Wives Club show distorted the truth about astro-marriage and divorce statistics. For the last Mercury mission, on May 15, 1963, the Gemini wives were invited to watch the launch party at Trudy Cooper’s house—but they watched Gordo Cooper’s blastoff on the living room television, while the Mercury wives huddled in the master bedroom. Trudy Cooper, wife of astronaut Gordon Cooper, and her daughters Jan and Cam. In exploring The Right Stuff TV series' historical accuracy, we learned that Gordon Cooper's wife Trudy was a licensed and accomplished pilot. "The truth is, the simulator felt more real than the real thing," says Shepard. Astronaut Leroy G. Cooper and his wife Trudy riding in a parade with NASA official Robert C. Seamans . "Let's go on and light this candle!" Trudy Cooper's ambition was to fly in the Powder Puff Derby, an annual transcontinental air race for women pilots, not to become an astronaut like her husband. That is why you say dumb stuff on television or you end up in a cheap motel with Lurleen [see Episode 104]. Trudy Cooper, the wife of Gordon, one of the Mercury Seven, was herself a licensed pilot. She is annoyed by the press camped outside. Janita Lee Cooper (1950 – 2007) * Trudy was a daughter … Warning: What follows contains spoilers for the episode "Flight." Trudy Cooper was more than just an astronaut’s wife. Taking a drink of orange juice, he looks down at the empty glass, thinks for a moment and then throws it against the wall, smashing it into pieces. He gives up and rather than tell the ground of the issue, reports, "Damn, what a beautiful view." Von Braun offers two options: delay the countdown to let Shepard urinate or scrub the launch. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Eloise Mumford about Trudy’s heartbreak, Trudy and Gordo’s ‘deep love,’ and more. Get to her a little bit better with our full interview. Later, Kraft informs Slayton that a position has been found for him on account of him being grounded due to his heart arrhythmia (as shown in Episode 107). "All three retros fired," he radios to mission control. She could have gone to space. Cam nods enthusiastically, before asking if they are going to move back in with Cooper. But "Flight," the title of the eighth and final episode of the National Geographic series' inaugural run, now on Disney+, seemingly refers to more than just the Mercury astronaut's mission. Mr. Cooper said he first took the controls of an airplane at age 7 or 8, when his father, an Army colonel, took him up. The pin, a match to the one that the real flight director wore in 1961, came from the personal collection of Robert Yowell, a former space shuttle flight controller who served as a technical advisor on the series. "What did you expect to feel up there, Al?" The other astronauts' wives did watch Shepard's launch from the beach. Back inside Hangar S, O'Hara and Dr. Vance Marchbanks (Christopher Mann) talk about what is about to transpire. When the wives gather to take the photo for LIFE, Trudy tells Marge that if NASA wants astronauts with a perfect marriage, that's exactly what they will get from the Coopers, and that even being annoying and an idiot, Gordo deserves to be in the program. Gordo Cooper is portrayed as having a loving relationship with his wife Trudy, but in reality, when Cooper was selected for the program, the two were already on the verge of divorce because of his philandering. Gordon Cooper, one of the original seven Mercury astronauts. On April 9,1959, the U.S. introduced its first astronauts, and then launched their wives into the spotlight. "This New Ocean," NASA's history of Project Mercury (SP-4201), attributes both actions to spacesuit technician Joe Schmitt, citing a report on the pilot preparation for Mercury-Redstone 3. asks Glenn, incredulously. In TV's "The Astronaut Wives Club" (right), actresses play early space heroes' wives. "Freedom 7 do you copy?" The title "Chief Astronaut" (or Chief of the Astronaut Office) was not established until late 1963, when Shepard took on the role. At the start of each episode, a disclaimer appears on screen: "This dramatization, although fictionalized, is based on actual events. In the episode, Shepard (McDorman) sees a washer float by his face and then catches it. Louise Shepard’s husband Alan was jumping into everyone’s bed but … As Shepard exits the building into the dark of night, he is met by a bevy of camera flashes until he enters the waiting trailer that will take him to the launchpad. We need to start flying the Atlas, now. Deke Slayton (Micah Stock) mans the capcom (capsule communicator) console. The two met when they were toddlers and were high school sweethearts. says Shepard from aboard the capsule. Eloise Mumford stars as Trudy Cooper, wife to Mercury 7 astronaut Gordon Cooper, on the Disney+ series, The Right Stuff. — The first season of "The Right Stuff" comes to an end with the flight of the first American into space. Here is a look at some of the right, wrong and real stuff that the eighth episode portrays: Shepard's walkout from Hangar S began at 3:55 a.m. EDT on May 5, 1961. Cooper, meanwhile, is standing in his kitchen in his underwear. "Happy landings, commander," says Glenn. With the August 1961 launch of a second Soviet cosmonaut (Gherman Titov) into orbit and with the data in hand from both Shepard's and Grissom's suborbital flights, the decision was made to move on to Atlas. At his home, Shepard pours himself a drink and is flipping through his fan mail when a ringing in his left ear (also experienced in prior episodes) knocks him to the floor. Back on the launchpad, the sun is now high in the sky and Shepard draws close a filter on his periscope to reduce the glare in his eyes. I would have gone anywhere with you." I mean, that's everything. Cooper did have an affair with a married woman, which is what led to he and Trudy separating prior to him becoming an astronaut. asks Cooper, referring to his remarks comparing launching a woman to flying a chimpanzee (as shown in Episode 107). That's not nothing. Back in the present, Shepard shakes Grissom's hand and then climbs into the spacecraft, assisted by Glenn. Shepard tries to retract the filter he extended over the periscope, but it does not move, partially blocking his view of Earth below. Once seated inside, Shepard looks up at his capsule's control panel only to see a photo of a scantily-clad woman and a small sign, "No Handball Playing," partially covering her body. He was married to Susan Theresa Taylor and Gertrude Bernice 'Trudy' Olson. They had 2 daughters:. He receives a weather report for the recovery area off the coast of Great Bahama Island from flight controller Glynn Lunney (Pace Jackson). The Atlas keeps blowing up and "we'll never get to the damn moon if they shut down this program because all our astronauts are dead. He died on October 4, 2004 in Ventura, California, USA. The Astronaut Wives Club was an informal support group of women, sometimes called Astrowives, whose husbands were members of the Mercury 7 group of astronauts. Trudy Cooper is the wife of Gordo Cooper, though they eventually divorce. Louise holds her daughters as she anxiously awaits word that Shepard is safe. "So you can get the controls when we go up. Shepard did urinate in his pressure suit while waiting for his delayed launch. Shepard did exclaim "What a beautiful view!" Yes, the platinum blonde Mrs. Carpenter arrived at the wives’ Mercury space capsule photoshoot wearing a sleeveless … The suit is missing the NASA insignia patch and name tag that Shepard wore, but otherwise is authentically detailed. You go up and then come back down." "I don't know. He also tells her he misses her, and their conversations. asks Shepard of Glenn, handing him the photo. She did however, fly in the derby in 1970. Shepard deploys the periscope and takes over manual control to roll the spacecraft. A woman (Aviva Sevilla) walks in wearing only a button-down shirt, wondering what Cooper has done. The capsule plunges into the atmosphere, as the G's — forces of gravity — increases. Trudy tells Cobb she has left Cooper, but that is not acceptable either. The concern over shorting the medical leads and rectal electric thermometer was addressed by cutting the power to those systems, not the entire spacecraft as shown. Inside the control center, Kraft paces, as Glenn, back from the white room and out of his clean room garb, sits in the back of the room. "It is not big enough, it is not fast enough. she says. That's the big story," she tells Wainwright. But did it really happen? With plasma enveloping the spacecraft, his contact with the ground is cut off. replies Gliruth. Sort of. "Don't worry, you'll go up soon enough," Gilruth tells Glenn. As previously noted in connection with Episode 101 where it was first included, the scene showing Shepard's arrival at the launchpad was filmed at the real Launch Complex 5 where the Mercury-Redstone 3 mission lifted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The couple first met while studying at the University Of Hawaii and remained married for 24 years. Trudy and Gordo dance, until Gordo inches his way up Trudy's leg, prompting her to reveal that copping a feel isn't part of their “deal.”. "No single space project in this period will be more impressive to mankind, or more important for the long-range exploration of space — and none will be so difficult or expensive to accomplish," says Kennedy. She has an independent personality and is passionate about women's rights, and is also a registered pilot and owner of a courier service. If Kennedy wants to go to the moon in eight years, it means we need to go faster. Later in Washington, D.C., Glenn meets with NASA Administrator James Webb (Michael McCauley) to appeal to him to move up the schedule for Mercury-Atlas orbital missions. After a pause, the radio crackles and Shepard is heard: "This is 7, I'm okay." The group included Annie Glenn , Betty Grissom , Louise Shepard , Trudy Cooper , Marge Slayton , Rene Carpenter , and Jo Schirra . And Cooper flew into space twice for the Mercury and Gemini programs. Skip ahead to the end if you only want to read about the real space history portrayed on screen. * Trudy was a daughter of Elvin Jennings Olson & Margery Frame Nichols. The episode skips from Freedom 7 landing to Shepard being on Grand Bahama Island. which he said after becoming frustrated about a last minute issue with the Redstone's liquid oxygen pressure. The Right Stuff is Trudy was a daughter of Elvin Jennings Olson & Margery Frame Nichols. "Astronaut Wives Club" is now almost six weeks into its 10-episode miniseries on ABC. You know her from the Fifty … As noted as part of the Episode 106 recap, Slayton was not grounded until March 1962, 10 months after Shepard's launch. Webb insists that it cannot be done. Kraft (Ladin) is seen in the Mercury Control Center wearing a small pewter Mercury capsule on his lapel. She died five weeks later of a heart attack. Yes. Cooper piloted the longest and final Mercury spaceflight in 1963. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Eloise Mumford about Trudy’s heartbreak, Trudy and Gordo’s ‘deep love,’ and more. The capsule's parachutes and landing bag deploy and Shepard, inside Freedom 7, splashes down. An enigmatic woman who was always conspicuously quiet with reporters, Trudy relied on her kittenish eyes to say, I’m happily married.. A quick montage of scenes from prior episodes show some of the past interactions between Shepard and Glenn as they competed to become the first American in space. Though they had been separated before Cooper was selected to become an astronaut in 1959, Gordon and Trudy did not split again until 1970, after Cooper had flown twice into space. Cooper learned to fly as a child, and after service in the United States Marine Corps during World War II, he was commissioned into the United States Air Force in 1949. In 1963 he made the last and longest Mercury flight of more than one day. Another series of prior scenes shows Shepard is thinking about his family, his wife Louise (Shannon Lucio) and their daughters. Fifteen minutes. After being raised out of the water by helicopter pilots Wayne Koons and George Cox, Shepard and his capsule were flown to the USS Lake Champlain, where they touched down on the aircraft carrier's deck just 11 minutes after the mission splashed down. In this scene of episode 5, Cobb seeks Trudy out as an ally to convince NASA that the Mercury 13 is necessary. Cooper met his first wife Trudy B. Olson because of their shared love for flying. According to Thompson in "Light This Candle," Shepard told Schirra that his "beautiful view" line about Earth was something that he had come up with in advance. That works, but now he has another problem. In the show, Trudy is shown considering trying to become an astronaut herself, until Gordo publicly trashes the idea of women astronauts. In The Astronaut Wives Club , Lily Koppel speculated that Trudy returned so her daughters could benefit from their father's fame, or maybe it was the $70,000 fee they would get for a Life magazine … She was married on 29 Aug 1947 in Oahu County, Hawaii to Leroy Gordon Cooper, Jr. "I'm sorry Trudy, it is not fair but it is the world that we live in. The requirements to become an astronaut were stringent The series shows all of the hoops that the hopeful astronauts had to jump through, and the real life qualifications were just as intense. The Glenns are in their kitchen. They shut the power off to the capsule to let Shepard do his thing and then power it back up after. Camala Keokie Cooper. Koppel also describes friction between the Mercury and Gemini wives, at least initially. That's a hell of a lot for one man. Though she may have been aware of the First Lady Astronaut Trainees (FLATs), an unofficial group of 13 women — including Jerrie Cobb — who had undergone and passed the same physiological tests as the Mercury astronauts — Trudy was not among them. She was married on 29 Aug 1947 in Oahu County, Hawaii to Leroy Gordon Cooper, Jr. "I think I am my hunger and if you take that away, there is not much left." As he closes the door to Slayton's new office, the stenciling on the window reads "Chief of Astronauts." They got married in Honolulu, in August 29, 1947. "Trudy, this could affect my place in the program," pleads Cooper. "And astronaut Shepard is acting like a real test pilot now as he flies the capsule manually," announces Powers. However, Gordo cheated on her, and Trudy left him, after 12 years of marriage, shortly before the astronaut selection process begun, in January 1959. He passes by nurse Dee O'Hara (Kaley Ronayne) and the other medical staff in the infirmary and is led outside through the large doors of Hangar S by astronaut Gus Grissom (Michael Trotter). The flight controllers in Mercury Mission Control erupt in applause and cheers, as does Louise and her family at the Shepards' home, the team in the blockhouse and the spectators in the NASA viewing stands. The idea of half a million … Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images … "Remember when you said you didn't want to be me? That is just a fact of reality and has nothing to do with right or wrong. The service gantry slowly pulls away from the rocket, leaving it poised for liftoff as dawn breaks on the horizon. "Because of the press conference?" American astronaut Gordon 'Gordo' Cooper pays a visit to Hawaii, less than a week It doesn't matter what you want, John, you are me. "I'm good," says Shepard. despite his actual view being dulled by a gray filter that he had used to block out the sun while on the launchpad. "What would NASA think of that?" You know her from the Fifty … Though he may have experienced early symptoms before and around the time of his Mercury flight, he did not seek treatment until the next year. "It is a good day for a launch," Kraft says to Space Task Group director Bob Gilruth (Patrick Fischler). Elsewhere, Grissom gifts Slayton with a bottle of whiskey. Trudy Cooper—“Gordo” Cooper’s wife.Trudy was the only licensed pilot among the astronaut wives. That's not just something, either. The group included Annie Glenn, Betty Grissom, Louise Shepard, Trudy Cooper, Marge Slayton, Rene Carpenter, and Jo Schirra. "This is real. Gordon Cooper was born on March 6, 1927 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, USA as Leroy Gordon Cooper Jr. What else is there?" "The Right Stuff" episode recaps: 101 | 102 | 103 | 104 | 105 | 106 | 107 | 108 The National Geographic series "The Right Stuff" is now streaming on Disney+. "I'm sorry. And Cooper flew into space twice for the Mercury and Gemini programs. Janita He exited the building already suited for his launch, as depicted in the episode, but through a doorway on the side of the facility, not through the large hangar doors at its front. "Come back to bed," she says. A favorite was the comic skit that Rene (“the rebel”) came up with: a one-woman show that she called “Primly Stable,” starring astronaut Squarely’s perfect wife, Primly Stable. Betty Grissom worked hard to put her husband Gus through engineering school. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Eloise Mumford about Trudy’s heartbreak, Trudy … As first noted in the Episode 103 recap, Shepard was diagnosed with Ménière's disease, an inner ear disorder, in 1963. He was an astronaut, and went from being 1/7 top men in America to being less of a man than his wife in some people's eyes and that was hard on their marriage. And I am sorry if that complicates things for you, but I guess I will just have to live with that." In the show, Trudy is shown considering trying to become an astronaut herself, until Gordo publicly trashes the idea of women astronauts. "Why are you telling me all of this stuff?" You're the first American to do it, not to mention that you came home to a wonderful wife and three sweet girls who love you. The country deserves it, the marching orders from our president demands it and I am the one to do it first." "I'm proud of you Alan, but you also hurt me," says Louise as she leans into his embrace. She has passed all of her flight evaluations that are needed to join Cobb's group of female astronaut-hopefuls. "The Redstone is a toy," adds Glenn. Eloise Mumford stars as Trudy Cooper, wife to Mercury 7 astronaut Gordon Cooper, on the Disney+ series, The Right Stuff. Before Alan's flight, Gordo and Trudy are talking on the phone, and he tells her that he is doing the countdown of the launch. "How do I explain to my daughters why I stay with a man who disrespects me so much?" Trudy was the only licensed pilot among the astronaut wives. As depicted, Shepard tried to roll back the filter once he was in space, but his reason for giving up is left out of the episode. "You just play to whatever room you are in, and Gordo, that is the problem. The couple first met while studying at the Carpenter flew to space once but was grounded after missing his re-entry target by 250 miles. My success is its success." "This is what makes it all easier, coming home to you and the kids. asks Cobb. "Oh come on, don't tell me the bloom's already fallen off the rose," says Glenn. "Al, she's all yours." It boasts a strong cast who you might recognize in a handful of other movies and TV shows. asks Glenn. That said, what Shepard (McDorman) tells Glenn (Adams) about telling stories for the benefit of the press is not without some truth. We're just not there yet." The Astronaut Wives Club was an informal support group of women, sometimes called Astrowives, whose husbands were members of the Mercury 7 group of astronauts. I wasn't at all sure it could be done.". That is what I should have said in Canaveral and I am sorry I didn't," he says, referring to the last time they talked when Louise confronted him over his being caught in an affair (as shown in Episode 107). Shepard lets out a hearty laugh in relief and celebration. People who are hungry, Jim. "We're about to push into the second hour of delay, the wait stems from a small technical problem and I am being told there is nothing to be concerned about," NASA public affairs officer John "Shorty" Powers (Danny Strong) tells the waiting crowd of spectators and those listening in over the airwaves. John Glenn (Patrick J. Adams), Shepard's backup, greets him. Would you like that?" "Al's gotta go pee real bad," astronaut Gordon Cooper (Colin O'Donoghue) tells test conductor Wernher von Braun (Sacha Seberg) inside the blockhouse. Others, like Gordon Cooper’s wife Trudy, were pulled back in to convince NASA that life at home was peachy and drama-free. "I wish that were true," replies Cobb. He'd had no unusual sensations, was elated at being able to control the capsule's attitude and was only sorry the flight hadn't lasted longer." In episode 1, "Launch", the Coopers are at a party hosted by LIFE magazine. Alan Shepard (Jake McDorman), suited in his silvery Mercury astronaut pressure suit, is walking out of NASA's crew quarters. The Right Stuff: Where You’ve Seen The Actors Before The Right Stuff is one of Disney+'s latest series. Camala Cooper, 14, and her sister, Janita, 13, will remain in their ranch-style home 25 miles east of Houston to keep check on their father - astronaut Gordon Cooper - on what is planned to be the longest U.S. space flight. But it doesn't mean I would never do it." Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images Pausing briefly to look up at his ride into space, he passes by NASA and McDonnell Aircraft personnel on his way to the elevator that lifts him up to the "white room" and his waiting Mercury capsule. Find the perfect Trudy Cooper stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. "Nothing?" "You know the traffic jam I got stuck in this morning was longer than my actual flight? Glenn did not lobby Webb to move up the Atlas orbital flights or to assign him as the pilot of the first American orbital mission. asks Kraft. At his home, Shepard tells Louise that he didn't know if she would be there when he got back from space. "I had to say something for the people," Shepard said. When Shepard reached for the filter knob, a pressure gauge on his left wrist hit the abort handle. "I therefore ask the Congress, above and beyond the increases I have earlier requested for space activities, to provide the funds which are needed to meet the following national goals: First, I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth." You know her from the Fifty Shades franchise and from her role on Chicago Fire, but as Trudy, she's playing a pioneer in aviation as not only an astronaut's wife, but a … "We don't know if we can ever do it," replies Gilruth. Olson, who had previously worked as a flight attendant, was the only astronaut wife to have a pilot’s license. Glenn did surprise Shepard with a pinup and a sign taped to the control panel inside Freedom 7. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, https://astronautwivesclub.fandom.com/wiki/Trudy_Cooper?oldid=4398. "Now it is time to take longer strides — time for a great new American enterprise — time for this nation to take a clearly leading role in space achievement, which in many ways may hold the key to our future on Earth." Trudy Cooper, the wife of American astronaut Gordon Cooper and her two daughters after the operations of the Titan rocket launch during the Gemini V... Walt Disney Television via Getty Images's "The Astronaut Wives Club" stars Odette Annable as Trudy Cooper and Bret Harrison as Gordo Cooper. Shepard spoke to President Kennedy by phone and then, about an hour later, he left by plane for Grand Bahama Island. At the Grand Bahama Auxiliary Air Force Base, Shepard — now back on land and in regular clothes — is greeted by his chase team, Wally Schirra (Aaron Staton) and Carpenter (James Lafferty), as well as the other Mercury astronauts, Grissom, Cooper, Slayton and Glenn. If you Annie is surprised at how well Glenn is accepting not being first into space. "You don't get to send a man into space soaked in his own urine?" Did all of the astronauts … The day after their arrival to Cabo, Marge, Trudy and Betty are talking about Louise and Alan, when Marge accidentally reveals Trudy's secret: when Gordo volunteered to the program, they were already signing the divorce papers, when he asked her to come back, for his career. The real sign read "No Handball Playing in this Area.". Trudy was born in February, 1929, in Seattle. "Let's go on and light this candle!" What is not shown is how he got there. Shepard's Mercury pressure suit as seen in this episode was provided by Global Effects, a costume and prop house that also furnished the Mercury capsule set pieces.

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