Top 10 course in the world. I was fortunate to play the West course a few times on my trip and I appreciated new aspects and nuances each time I played it. The large fairway bunkers left off the tee are about 280 yards out. The fairway is generous and one can run an approach shot onto the green. This really is a classic hole! In fact, Royal Melbourne suffered, as they didn’t have their own water supply as did some of the surrounding courses. The conservative tee shot left will leave a golfer with a long shot in to a raised green with significant back to front camber, and those trademark bunkers in front. Was this review helpful? Australian Women's Amateur, Play it as a 3 shotter. I assume John ranks a course by forming his own opinion and not simply looking at the rankings to see what mark he should award it. The details. This is due to the fabulous piece of land the holes sit on, but more so the genius of the green complexes. 71. Is this Alistair Mackenzie’s masterpiece? I managed to par it both times, once from the left bunker and getting lucky as the putt rolled back towards the pin; a Mackenzie design principle in action. From an elevated tee one decides how much of the sharp dogleg right to carry over the sand and heath area which ends with a series of bunkers. Well, I understand what Mackenzie wrote; playing a round on the West course it is nearly impossible to not find a bunker that will leave one with a very testing recovery shot. It is also compared to Pine Valley because it is a “second shot” course. Might I say that I am always happy to play this lovely course, and I think most members feel the same way. I have played here a few times of which... Running Deer is a good course. One has to hit very well-judged shots to make birdie or par on this hole. The golf course loses a little but when it crosses the road. Respond to above review  However, once you cross the road the course becomes a little flat and mundane, albeit well designed, excellent condition but not inspirational. Was this review helpful? All bar the short 13th make use of some natural drama. Australian Amateur, It is amazing to think how golf has evolved, yet a course such as Royal Melbourne West has not been diminished by technology or the emphasis on stroke play, it has more than held its own. The following passage is a brief edited extract from The Finest Golf Courses of Asia and Australasia by James Spence. As I said in other reviews, there are only a few courses that are worthy of discussion as the best course in the world: The Old course at St Andrews, Royal County Down, Pine Valley, Cypress Point, Augusta National, Shinnecock Hills, Oakmont, Trump Tunrberry, and Royal Melbourne West. 2 people found this review helpful "Although six holes from the East course are incorporated with twelve from the West when Royal Melbourne is presented in its championship livery, when played in its entirety as the playing style of the East course is distinctly different. Written by: Top100 Aggregated Rating Rating: 7.5 out of 10 Reviews: 10. Myopia Hunt Club 93. I think16 and 18 are the standouts. These four holes are used in the composite course. The course was designed by Greg Norman. Forget Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas or local favorite Adam Scott – the star of the Presidents Cup was the course. You just know it’s a fabulous hole because it bowls you over. It is often cited as one of the best holes in the game of golf. The green is tilted back to front and has another spine. Was this review helpful? Australian Open, The architecture and some of the individual holes were great and the greens put my golf to a severe test, which I admit I failed. FILE – These are recent file photos showing members of the International Presidents Cup golf team, to be played Dec. 12-15, 2019, at Royal Melbourne Golf Club in Australia. Alex Russell altered the twelfth hole in 1953 making it a dogleg left, albeit a short par 5. The green has ridges and a sharp back to front tilt. Golf Digest produces a biennial ranking of the world's best golf courses. The co... Pine Barrens is a course which sits higher than it should here. At Royal Melbourne more so than at many of the holes at Cypress Point and Augusta National, Mackenzie places options in front of players of all levels and allows them to decide the series of shots they need on the hole to achieve their goal, which may not always be par. As the greens are large enough to permit multiple pin permutations and you find yourself poised over your bag in between two or even three club decisions.". The challenge is fly the bunkers, so hit it high and let it land soft. This hole likely wrecks many scorecards. The green sits so naturally into the hillside as does the bunkering, it’s as if they just walked up and put the flag in. “Golf came and went in Melbourne in the 1840s,” wrote Sir Peter Allen in The Sunley Book of Royal Golf; “the Club such as it was ending with a dinner at the Royal Oak Hotel in 1850. was time to revisit the East and was very glad I did. World Cup of Golf. U.S. The DEEP front left bunker is not user friendly. The right front bunker has raised grass known as Dunk Island. The outstanding feat... Little Mill is a very nice 27 hole complex in south NJ. Seaview Bay course is one of two courses here. Let’s get the criticism out of the way. The first hole is a welcoming short par 4. This golf club has 36 holes, 2 golf courses and has scored an average rating of 8.9 out of 11 reviews. This has one of the narrower greens on the course with bunkers left and right. It delivers me as much challenge as I can take plus more but remains really fun. I did play it back then but this recent visit was to be the first time I’d seen it with grass. Then there is a set of cross bunkers both well short of the green extending to the right side of the green which make it a risk-reward hole for the shorter hitters. A dogleg right, one can drive through the fairway, so listen to your caddie. There are deep bunkers on the right side of the green, a swale in front of the green, a shaved bank behind the green that can leave a ball 25 yards away. However, there is fairway bunker cluster right. The Royal Melbourne Golf Club. The fairways were in fantastic nick and the greens really fast. I then had the luxury of playing Winged Foot over several years and it struck me that RM dines out on the composite course, WF does not. West). After that the discovery of gold in New South Wales and Victoria caused a huge boom and influx of people, followed by slump, which put aside most frivolous activities, so that organised golf was not revived in Melbourne until 1891. Was this review helpful? So this time I decided that it The second shot requires a decision point to avoid the fairway bunker in the middle of the fairway about 110 yards out. The fourth hole is a short par 5 with a scary blind tee shot over a rise with deep yawning bunkers set into the face of the dune. The tenth is a dogleg left short par five that requires one to stay left of the fairway bunkers on the right. See other reviews from Peter Wood. See other reviews from Richard Keary, 12-16 are OK? course and its only fault is that it sits in the shadow of RMGC’s West (which a The Royal Melbourne Golf Club is much like Winged Foot where many of the members prefer the less famous course. The tenth once again shows off the brilliant shaping of a hole over hilly terrain with the tee shot overlooking a valley with a substantial rise on this short par 4. I think it is the weakest par 3. The green is two tiered back to front and is very speedy. Here Here. I must have played RM 100 times and it is an amazing amazing club and facility. There is a large “fairway” in front of the green for the ball that is hit short. 0 people found this review helpful The hole doglegs from right to left and requires a long accurate tee shot to hit the fairway and a steely nerve to find the green surface. At the West course, the longer hitter is not always favored, certainly the short hitter is not, but the best rewards go to the smart player who takes the boldest line and positions the ball the best for the next shot that is most suitable to their game. Conditions—firm and fast—were superb in March, 2015……… was everything else at what is one of my half dozen favorite golf courses in the world. We shall all have the opportunity of seeing the Composite course televised in November 2011 when we host the President's Cup. It was a great experience and I highly recommend playing RM, and the other Melbourne sand belt course if you ever get the chance. The back starts with a dogleg right par 5. Simply put, this hole lacks strategy. The preferred tee shot is right to left, especially if the pin is back left. The second shot is steeply uphill to a difficult green which is long and narrow. The East course has recently reached the top 100 world rankings on its own merits and I can see why. In February, 2019 I had the pleasure of playing the East course at The Royal Melbourne Club twice as well as some of it a third time as we were allowed to play the Composite course used for their most prestigious events. The course tests you in these four holes until you cross Reserve Road where the challenge lessens a bit for two of the next three holes. Geez - I'd hate to see good. After crossing another street, one arrives at the seventh which is the weakest hole on the course as a short par five to the flattest green. Royal Melbourne's East course is always going to live in the shadow of it's big brother the West course, there are great holes here in my opinion, mostly at the beginning and end of the round. This hole takes perfect advantage of the topography and landscape of the golf course. See other reviews from Mark White. The bunkerless fairway doglegs to the left but has a stand of trees on that left side to capture the ball that flies too close to it in an attempt to shorten the hole. Was this review helpful? Not that much elevation change at the east course but the routing is strong. Seven begins a series of these doglegs moving in opposite directions until you finish the twelfth. I had the good fortune to meet Ron Jaworski the one time... TPC Jasna Polana is a good course. Was this review helpful? The hole tilts left so the best line is slightly right of center. See other reviews from John Sabino. Nine Bridges 95. The holes I really liked were 3-7, 9-12, and 16-18. Spellbinding. Two super shots can get you home, but…Off the tee favor the left as there are a myriad of bunkers right. Hole seven is a short iron uphill par 3 to a heavily bunkered, heavily contoured green. good number of knowledgeable observers consider to be the finest in the world).". The third hole is a short downhill par 4 to a green sloped front to back. Depending on the wind and the state of one’s game, I believe on the West course one will be faced with playing a shot they have not tried before. 0 people found this review helpful It was of those courses that Tom Doak was thinking about when he wrote: “If only Melbourne were not so far removed from America, the standard of American golf architecture might well be higher. Mackenzie built two routes on his plans for the West course, those for better players and those for average/weaker players. From the back tees the course plays to 6731 yards. There seems to be acres of land down the right but it leaves a much longer shot into the green. I still feel I need about 100 plays in order to truly figure it out which is a good thing and after a round there I most certainly want to jump right back out onto the course. 18 holes TAS » CAPE WICKHAM » Rank 2. 0 people found this review helpful They were nearly perfect as a blend of bent and fescue but were ultimately replaced by grass from New Zealand. It is definitely one of t... Forsgate the Banks course is part of 36 holes here. Was this review helpful? By WA Golf Staff. There are mounds crossing the fairway about 115 yards short of the green. 0 people found this review helpful Wide, receptive fairways welcome a variety of play off the tee, and the beauty and challenge of this course are personified by its superb bunkering. He felt the game should be enjoyable instead of worrying about the difficulty of the hole through a “par” score. This green has the most bunkers surrounded it, nine in total, beginning 50 yards short of the green and slopes right to left. Despite the length of this hole, the green is one of the smaller ones. Write a review for Royal Melbourne (West), How to Play the World’s Most Exclusive Golf Clubs. Here it’s more rough-hewn. I had the good fortune to meet Ron Jaworski the one time... TPC Jasna Polana is a good course. These bunkers are fairly flat providing more of a temptation for players to try to carry them to get closer to the green on their second shot. Bunkers are short right of the green and then greenside left and right providing additional challenge to the somewhat blind second shot. The West sits on glorious rolling land and the green complexes , most made savage by the deep bunkering and vicious contouring make the West , from an architectural point of view,by far the best course in Australia .It truly is a classic . I debate whether this or the sixteenth would be the better par 3 on the composite course (sixteenth). Melbourne has more great available golf courses than any other city in the world, led by the Royal Melbourne Golf Club and Kingston Heath Golf Club. See other reviews from John Sabino, Respond to above review  All of them have been part of the composite course and six currently are. Was originally due to play the west but due to a comp played the east instead. The ideal line is down the left but large bunkers await you. I think it is nearly the equal of the Composite course. Not so long ago RMGC decided to re-turf the course with a couch grass partly due to ease of managing it and partly due to the fact that it essentially increases the length of the course given the limited roll out allowed by couch grass. Unfortunately this hole should be a par 4 due to technology and is now a weak hole. And there is a difference in condition of composite and non composite holes. Alister MacKenzie’s 1926 routing fits snuggly into the contours of the rolling sandbelt land. The green is slightly crowned in the middle, is small and surrounded by deep bunkers cutting right into the edge of the green right front, right and left. It might be the best par 3 at Royal Melbourne and one of the very best in the world. Oh my is the sixteenth a difficult and excellent long par 3. The green is farther from you on the left side which has enormous and deep bunkers in front. Presidents Cup, Some go left, some go right, some are sharp, some are subtle, some are around bunkers, others around trees, but all force the golfer to decide how much risk to take on to enjoy the reward of the best angle into the green.Royal Melbourne is also a textbook on routing. About time someone said it (more recently at least). Hole five is a short par 4 with a narrow fairway lined by trees and a small green. Description: While it does not quite offer the grand theatre of the West, Royal Melbourne's East is still a fantastic golfing experience and holds its own versus all other courses in the Melbourne area. Reproduced with kind permission. The course did not open until 1901, but that did not prevent the founders from taking the “Royal” title with them. Par here is a good score. The green is raised after a swale in the fairway and is well bunkered on either side. See other reviews from David Davis. The best drive here will go down the right side. The par 3’s are exceptional beginning with the fabulous fifth hole. Royal Melbourne first opened for play in 1992. From the tee a player may well sigh a breath of relief if he successfully avoids the gully short, and bunkers left and right, and makes it to the top tier. Eisenhower Trophy, This is another really good golf hole. Course was is good shape when I played there, greens running very true like you would expect them to on the sandbelt. 0 people found this review helpful See other reviews from Mark White. The seventh green is not original, and the green on #12 has been relocated, but these changes were both made over half a century ago. 5 in Golf Digest’s 200 Greatest International Courses 2018. Routing is an often overlooked, but nonetheless critical aspect of golf course design. Composite first used 1959.; There is a strategically placed fairway bunker left as the hole turns left and ends to one of the smallest green on the golf course. A golf course ranked in the top ten in the world should be a special place and Royal Melbourne is. Maybe you choose the fourth on the East due to its length and possibly crowd control. The turf leans to the sticky side and severely limits roll out and ground game on such a traditionally fast and firm course. There is no water on the course, and the majestic MacKenzie bunkering dominates, framing fairways, and defining the green complexes. By: Adam Schupak. In addition to their fabulous golf course, the members and club staff are very welcoming and warm. It is a masterpiece of strategy to the green and on the green. Perhaps it was just that I had such high expectations, but I felt I would have been happy to play those 7 holes three times rather than the whole 18. Eisenhower Trophy, See other reviews from paulofchester. "The World's 100 Greatest Golf Courses" - International. A blind tee shot over the hill awaits one on the longer par 4 finishing hole. Was this review helpful? The par three 13th on the East, 135 meters, which doesn't play in the composite courses is a spectacular little par three. So in my humble opinion, I do think Royal Melbourne West is his masterplace. The long par 3 is guarded by a collection of bunkers to the left that begin well short of the green and continue to the back left edge. especially after the first four holes. Long hitters typically reach this green in two. 36 holes make up a trio of championship courses. One of the top five par 3’s I have ever played comes next, the splendid fifth that played 175 yards for us. Because I am an average length hitter, I found this hole to be difficult, but it was more than fair. The members of Royal Melbourne—all 1800 of them—are to be congratulated on preserving almost all of MacKenzie’s fine work. This is a... Ballyowen is typically shown as the best public course in NJ. I thoroughly enjoyed the East course. The rolling terrain of the opening stretch was superb, especially looking uphill to the 2nd green that makes you say “wow” over and over again, downhill to the 3rd green and up again to the long par 3 4th hole. There are bunkers left and right short of the green. The short par 3 seventh hole plays uphill and might be more difficult than the fifth hole. That is not to say it is a better golf course than Cypress Point or Augusta National, but I do believe it still meets his design principles more than the other two courses. This is a... Ballyowen is typically shown as the best public course in NJ. The green slopes left to right and there is very little room behind the green. The memorability at the east course is high as well, with great bunkering and green complexes meeting the golfer. If in the bunker, one needs to get out of it but if the ball lands too far beyond the pin you could face a downhill putt that is likely to slide all the way off the green. These bunkers are shared with the fairway bunkers of the West course. 1 person found this review helpful Course) on that trip. The eighth hole is one of the weaker holes on the golf course, a short par 4 with a fairway that is linked with the first hole on the East course, both sharing a scary large bunker complex. There is plenty of room to the right side although it leaves a longer shot into this hole where a mound short left of the green will capture a lot of balls. Shot values score well here as do all the sandbelt course, the contours of this course are still of a very high standard. St. George's 96. Team qualification was determined by the Rolex AJGA Rankings, while International Team selection was based on the World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR). Respond to above review  The split was caused by disagreement among the members about moving from the original site occupied by the club at Caulfield. The finishing hole is a dogleg left. A slight dogleg right, the approach is uphill so definitely take an extra club. The Royal Melbourne Golf Club is Australia’s most recognised golf club. The green is wide but small and bunkers on the right side eat into it as well as a bunker behind the green. Don't get me wrong - it is wonderful golf. Book in advance - must be a member of a recognised golf club, Championships hosted: Naturally we are picking at straws here as Royal Melbourne remains the best course on the best property with the strongest routing in Australia and a serious case can be made for it being the best in the world. But that approach does need to be reasonably accurate given the size and firmness of the green. The par 3 fifth hole is one of the most picturesque on the course. Bobby Jones wrote of Mackenzie’s work: “It is playing Mackenzie’s work the highest possible compliment to say that all his courses are interesting, in every instance he placed interest ahead of difficulty.” Mackenzie de-emphasized penalties and punitive golf; he emphasized advantages gained by a well struck shot and disadvantages as an outcome of the poorly executed shot. The green is partially blind from the tee below, and the hole is exposed to the wind making it a challenge to select the correct club, as well as intended line and flight. The best holes were 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 13, 16 and 18. The eleventh is a longer par 4 dogleg to the left. Posted on Sep 13, 2019. Playing out to the right it is almost impossible to hit the green and have your ball remain on it. It is one of the finest finishing holes I have ever played. Venue: Royal Melbourne Golf Club, Melbourne, Australia Date: December 12-15, 2019 Course stats: Par-71, 7,047 yards Defending champion: USA Presidents Cup betting tips and preview: Who will win? While there are no fairway bunkers there is on short left and a gaggle of them on the right. Max Behr’s line of charm is here in spades. Royal Melbourne (West) continues to be number one in the Australian rankings. The left side bunker is particularly one to be avoided given its height and the green above it. While it does not quite offer the grand theatre of the West, Royal Melbourne's East is still a fantastic golfing experience and holds its own versus all other courses in the Melbourne area. By: Adam Schupak. In my opinion I thought many of these par 3’s were the equal of the famous fifteenth at Kingston Heath. Length. I have had the chance to play Trump Philly before and after the acquisition. The East course is not nearly as good as the West course, but it is still one of the best golf courses in the world, as designed by Alex Russell, who worked with Alistair Mackenzie on the West course. The “better” miss is the front bunker on the right where I nearly saved par unlike that back bunker where I had no chance other than holing a long putt. The third hole on the East is a dogleg right down a sweeping hill and the fourth is an interesting uphill par three. Mackenzie’s fifth design principle is that “every hole should have a different character.” That is achieved at Royal Melbourne much as it is at Augusta National and Cypress Point. Additionally, this is a two tiered green so it may be two clubs.

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