Soc Sci Med. Employed men had lower odds of being on medication compared with the other groups. Education level (having a trade/certificate/diploma) was related to treatment for both AB and FB men. NESB-FB men’s poorer general health status relative to AB men’s explained some of the difference in diagnosis. We therefore compare the association between socio-demographic factors and each measure of mental health for AB and FBs, stratified by gender, to identify variables common to all men and women and those that are unique to foreign-borns. Mental health and well-being was measured by the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-Being Scale (WEMWBS). 2007, Paper 173-2007, SAS Global Forum. Due to the secondary nature of this study, we were limited in the explanatory factors we could adjust for and as a result, the reasons why NESB-FB men are at heightened risk of poor mental health compared with ABs are not clear from this study. Med J Aust. Low socioeconomic status (SES) for instance, has been long linked to poorer mental health in the general population [21]. Youth Mental Health and Alcohol and other Drugs (AoD) also available. 10.1080/00048670902970882. Part of 2007, 370 (9590): 851-858. Only 7% of all recorded detention centre interventions included formal mental state examinations. 10.1186/1471-2458-10-1. This study aimed to investigate differences in mental health and service use between AB and FBs living in South Australia. Support from one’s spouse may therefore become even more paramount. Can Stud Popul. Widely variable rates of volume 14, Article number: 1111 (2014) The authors are most grateful for the generosity of the cohort participants in the giving of their time and effort to participate in the study. Men from non-English speaking backgrounds had higher odds of depression. Consultation: Participants indicated if they had seen a psychologist or a psychiatrist in South Australia in the last 12 months. Taris T: Unemployment and mental health: a longitudinal perspective. 2004, 95 (3): i9-i13. All data collection was conducted in English. 2005, 41 (2): 43-62. However, we also observed that not being in the workforce was associated with higher odds of depression for AB men. Privacy Opportunities to Improve Mental Health. The study benefits from using multiple measures of mental health, which has allowed us to explore differences in AB and FBs’ mental health status and treatment, as well as identify different variables that relate to different measures. The public charge bar can have significant ramifications for immigrants with mental disabilities or disorders. Marital status was unimportant for AB men but married AB women had higher odds of a diagnosis and of medication than those who had never been married. working with interpreters.,,,%20Samba_final%20paper.pdf,,,,,,, Men are often reluctant to seek help for mental health problems [32] and foreign-born report a number of barriers to care including language difficulties [3, 33]. 2005, 330 (7495): 839-842. Analyses were therefore based on a total of 2605 individuals. head injury, cerebral infection, anoxia), An illness that may affect brain function (e.g. BMJ. Reviews the health status and needs of migrant Australians. Talking about mental health challenges is not always so easy for young immigrant and refugee men in Canada, according to research from the University of British Columbia. Good mental health is when we are in balance within ourselves and others. 10.1093/fampra/cmi113. Taylor AW, Wilson DH, Wakefield M: Differences in health estimates using telephone and door-to-door survey methods-a hypothetical exercise. Since studies mostly suggest strong similarities between ABs and FBs with an English-speaking background, we do not expect significant differences between ESB-FBs and ABs. For FB women, employment status was the only variable significantly associated with consultations and general health was the only variable significantly associated with current depression in the final analyses. There is conflicting evidence for the healthy migrant effect with respect to mental health [4, 6]. Upon migration, immigrants experience significant social disruption, loss of social network and often, extended family [37]. Overall, 16.3% of the sample reported having a diagnosis in the past 12 months and 14.3% scored higher than 16+ on the CESD, indicating some level of current depression. A qualitative descriptive design was used to collect and analyse the perspectives of 53 immigrant service providers recruited from nine immigrant serving agencies in Alberta between November 2016 and January 2017. In line with recent research, we found no evidence of the healthy migrant effect for mental health in this study [15, 16]. In other words, the immigration laws do not grant entry to people who will likely have no financial support and will have to rely on programs like welfare, food stamps, Medicare and Medicaid, and so on. There is conflicting evidence of the healthy migrant effect with respect to mental health. J Vocat Behav. General health also related to a mental health diagnosis among AB men and women in the same way. Soc Sci Med. We did not directly investigate these gender differences and so can only speculate as to the reasons for this difference.

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